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Bloemfontein web design, web development, web hosting & web application specialists

Finding a website developer in Bloemfontein, South Africa, just got a little easier.  As you probably know, there are many web development companies in Bloemfontein and in South Africa.  This page will make it easier for you to find a developer that will help you achieve the goals you set out to achieve with your prospective website.  Before deciding on a website developer, you should have a clear idea of the functionality your site will require.  Should it be a dynamic content management driven site which contains mostly static pages, a low cost, or small guesthouse type site, with hardly any dynamic content, or are you looking for a unique solution like an e-commerce site, or perhaps a directory of some kind.  Are you looking for the cheapest solution out there or on the other end of the scale, you might require something completely different, like some of the sites we often build.  At the end of this article categorized links to development firms are included to help you narrow down your choices.

Various types of websites

A Website can most often be categorized by type:

  • low cost, basic site
  • regular company profile, or your average guesthouse site
  • dynamic content management driven site
  • e-commerce or online shopping site
  • custom site, with a completely customized content management system

 If you have your type of site clearly categorized, you can start considering a developer.

Evaluating prospective website designers

As stated above, it all depends on what type of website you require, but generally you should look for at least the following minimum requirements that every developer should impliment into developed websites, you can also get some more tips on our choose your website developer carefully page.

  1. Title tags - the title of the page should be displayed in the title bar of your browser.  This is a very important search engine optimization consideration and probably one of the most basic mistakes made by low cost development firms.
  2. Meta tags - you can view these tags by viewing the source of the page.  Two meta tags are important, Meta Description and Meta Keywords, both should contain information about the page you are viewing and are important for search engines.
  3. Cross browser compatibility - does the website work in multiple browsers?  More and more people are using standards compliant browsers like firefox, while internet explorer continually loses market share because of its inability to display standards compliant code correctly.  This inability requires website developers to impliment various levels of fixes in order to make the site display correctly in Internet Explorer, which adds to development time and cost.
  4. Look and Feel - while this is an important factor to consider, it becomes less important with larger more technical sites, where load time, search engine optimization and ease of use are more important factors to consider.
  5. Ease of use of CMS - many companies provide you with a Joomla, typo3 or similar open source CMS installation without taking into consideration of the fact that you might not be a computer expert like they are.  Our CMS is developed with ease of use as its main focus.  It is laid out in a logical manner which makes it easy enough for all our clients to use, whilst still being flexible enough to allow you to customize your content to a large extent.  We have many clients experienced in years, and very inexperienced in computers that constantly use our cms without problems.

There are some other factors that should be considered, like location of developer, and the personality of the company you choose.  Remember that you will probably work with this company for a long time to come, and it's of no use if they are unfriendly or hard to reach.

For a list of website developers for your specific needs, read our Recommended website designers per site type page.