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Human resource website design

We provide custom human resource website design services, and taylor our solutions to exactly fit your requirements and budget.

What should a proper human resource website consist of?

While all websites aren't the same, these few points should be a guide for the average human resource website.

  1. You will need an administration section enabling you to manage users, jobs, recruiters and all the other aspects of your site.
  2. Jobs and candidates need to be easily searchable by either job seekers or recruiters.
  3. Your human resource website needs to be properly optimised for search engines, especially in terms of human readible, easy to index urls.
  4. Spam is a problem in all areas of the web, and your site needs built-in methods in dealing with spam.
  5. Communication between job seekers and recruiters are essential.

Accurate and up to date information

Sites that contain inaccurate or outdated information is rather useless, and the same applies to your human resource based site - our solution has various features built-in that ensures accuracy of information, and tries to keep in touch with users so that information remains up to date.

Proper categorization without impeding the user

When a user struggles to enter information into your site, they will probably leave, never to return.  It is absolutely essential so that a system that is so dependent on user submitted content do not interfere or inhibit the users ability to easily enter their information.  Our sites makes use of ajax and various other technologies and features to ensure the process remains as easy as possible for every user.  What for instance happens when a user wants to select an educational facility that is not yet in your database?  Our systems take care of any unforeseen data that needs to be entered.

Get in touch with us today, to find out how we can help ensure the success of your online human resource web solution.