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Real estate website design

In this article we'll discuss the various aspects, various pitfalls, and considerations to be made when having your real estate website developed. It's a competitive market out there, but there's lots of money to be made if your site proves to be successful.

All about the visitor

The first thing to remember is that your site should serve your visitors well, if they save time, save money, or acquire something useful from your site, that cannot be obtained in a better way from a competitive site, they'll always return. So the obvious next thing to ask, is what your visitors want from your site?

Up to date information

Probably the second most important thing for your site, is up to date information. Nothing is more frustrating to the end user to constantly find outdated and inaccurate information. Keeping your information up to date can usually be so time consuming that most people don't bother, therefor you must make sure that the administration section will enable you to manage information effectively.

We have written sites in the past for example, that integrates with's databases. You usually need to be a real estate agent and you need to pay to qualify for these feeds, but once you do, your website stays up to date almost automatically.

Notifications specified by criteria

Your site should enable users to specify criteria, and then be notified when new properties are added that match their specified criteria. is a good example of a site with multiple search and notification criteria, as well as an extremely large number of customizations, that can be implimented by the site owner, property owners, tenants, and regular site visitors.

Cost implications

Developing all of the above obviously requires some time and a lot of skill, so you should be willing to pay for the services rendered, and should not expect to receive your site for next to nothing.

The age old saying, "you get what you pay for" is usually applicable.