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Photography web design

In a competitive market every photographer out there requires a place to showcase his work in such a manner to attract new business.  This article will give some pointers on what a good photography website should be like.

Established photographers versus lesser known photographers

Established photographers

A definite distinction between the two types of photographers can be established, and the two can have different types of websites.  The established photographer is probably well known, and searched for by name, and usually isn't dependent on new clients that don't know him.  The established photographer will usually be more expensive than the rest, and would be able to afford (financialy and competitively) to ignore a search engine friendly site, in order to better showcase his work.  They will usually go for a flash based solution, which has the major disadvantage of not being search engine friendly, but has more options in terms of animations.

Lesser known or emerging photographers

While lesser known photographers might produce the same or even higher quality images than an established photographer, they usually do not yet have the luxury of a well known name or brand, and are quite dependent on new clients arriving on their doorstep through channels other than word of mouth referals, such as search engines.  It is quite imperative therefore that these photographers choose an html based site that is highly optimized for search engines.  This doesn't however mean that the site shouldn't look nice or have reduced functionality.

Take as an example.  The site welcomes you with the one thing a photographer should always use to get new clients - photos - large photos welcomes you into the site, and immediately grabs the visitor's attention.  A photography site should also have some text based pages containing more information about photography, the photographer, and/or the studio.  These pages will lead new visitors to your site.

In a fast paced, ever changing world, you as photographer also needs to have the power to manage your site's content completely - take studioski as an example again.  The owner can manage every single piece of content found on his site.  The admin section is developed in a user friendly manner - we understand that our clients aren't computer experts, but normal people who are usually experts in their very specific fields.  The admin section allow an unobtrusive interaction and management process whilst allowing great power and versatility.

If you are a photographer, looking for a site that will enable your studio to reach new heights, give us a call to see how we can help your business.