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We specialise in large dynamic community driven portal websites.  Our head office is located in Bloemfontein, South Africa, but we serve clients from around the globe.  Even though we might be more expensive than some of our competitors, we provide you with a superior product that will add value to your business, or earns revenue - depending on the site's purpose.

When you sign up with us, you can be assured that your site becomes our passion.  Our service is professional and quality driven.  Unlike many other companies, we provide a specialist service - our primary speciality is creating large community driven portal sites, like Streetlamp, Babies Online and myFinance-Online - even this site ( features a community; all our clients have access to this site. They can all view and regenerate all invoices issued to them in the past.  They are also able to view all payments received, and modify various settings relating to their sites.  We also create large portal sites that aren't community driven, but has specifically developed CMS. These CMS's are developed exactly to the client site requirements.

We do NOT make use of typo3, Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress or any other similar CMS - our CMS is developed specifically for each client.  We have a number of clients older than 60, who update their site content themselves.  Our system is so easy to use, that they didn't even need training, but in case you do require help, we are available almost 24/7.

For larger sites we recommend that you take our optional monthly maintenance contract as an addon when you sign up with us.  This ensures that no matter how big your site gets, we will update it with all necessary functionality.  (Please note that we do not load content, but we create an Administration section from where you can load any content on your site)

All our sites are W3C standards compliant - we usually make them according to the xhtml 1.1 Transitional specification.  We use valid CSS and can provide enhanced CSS based functionality to standards compliant browsers like firefox.

We have all of the following modules available to our clients - Please note that these modules are developed and modified specifically to each clients' need, they are not a standard copy paste addon like most companies provide:

  • SMS Integration
  • Online Realtime Invoice Generation
  • Full e-Commerce (including credit card facilities)
  • Uploaders with progress bars
  • Full site search capabilities
  • Full user management - both Administration users and Site users
  • HTML newsletter generation
  • PDF newsletter and pdf content generation
  • RSS and Atom feeds
  • Cross site integration - multiple sites that use a centrally maintained database
  • Database creation and maintenance according to industry standardised criteria such as 4th normalised form - we are experts in optimising databases for speed, reliability and data integrity
  • Forum functionality - without the jargon...just plain good old discussing of topics
  • Blogs - we can even customise our blogging module so that every user on your site can run his own blog

Our services certainly aren't limited to this short list - just bring your idea to us, we will definitely be able to help you.

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