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Web development

Website development usually refers to something more than just web design, although both terms include a visual design of your site, web development includes dynamic functionality of some kind.

Types of Dynamic Functionality

Unless specifically requested, all our sites include some level of dynamicity, at the very least all our sites will allow users to register, sign up for newsletters and modify their account information.

Ranging from enabling your artists to playing their music to the world, to providing online tax related services, we can build an online solution that will enable your business processes to become web based, which would effectively mean that you can service clients world wide, and thus grow your established client base, and thus improve your revenue.

Built for Business Managers

Our administration sections are built for people who do not wish to spend hours and hours in front of their computers, we know there are more important things in life, and therefore we strive to make each process as simple as possible.

We have a range of pensioner clients that use our services, each of them could manage their sites with very little or no training whatsoever, all because of the fact that we understand that people do not think like programmers.

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