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Recommended website designers per site type

Low Cost sites

Take careful consideration of your decision to have a low cost site, return on investment is usually very low on these sites, as they usually just disappear into the billions of sites available on the web.  Remember that a low cost website should be exactly that, expect to pay a maximum of R 1,250 with no monthly costs except low cost hosting which should cost maximum R 50 per month.  Also remember that these companies need to go through high volumes of sites in order to be a profitable business, therefore don't expect too much dedicated attention.  You should also note that these companies usually have a greater risk of going out of business.

  1. Production Wise -
  2. Bloem SBN -

Regular company profile or the average guesthouse sites

These sites usually do not come with full featured content management systems,  user registration sections, or newsletter systems.  We however provide all this functionality at no additional cost, enabling you to maintain better communication channels with your clients, visitors or guests.  Cost of these types of sites can vary from about R 5,000 to R 8,000 development fees.  Some companies charge a lower development fee, but charges a monthly fee for the site, so read your quotation carefully.

  1. Website Engineers -
  2. Bare Creative -
  3. Chillies -
  4. Creative Designs -
  5. I Love 2 -

Dynamic content management driven sites

Pricing varies greatly from site to site on these types of sites, as required functionality differs from site to site.  Be sure to have detailed specifications ready before you request a quote.

  1. Website Engineers -
  2. Bare Creative -
  3. Creative Designs -

E-commerce or online shopping site

All of the above categories included development agencies from Bloemfontein only, this category and the one below requires a specialist approach therefore some national companies are included in the list.

  1. Website Engineers -
  2. Mammoth Solutions -
  3. Peronii -
  4. Prezence -

Custom site, with a completely customized content management system

Custom website solutions or web applications require advanced knowledge of the web, and the various technologies available.  Be sure to do your homework carefully before you choose a developer or you might be sorry later on.

  1. Website Engineers -
  2. Mammoth Solutions -
  3. Coda -

Remember that we cannot guarantee the quality of the mentioned companies, but seeing what they've done in the past they should be able to help where mentioned.  Always contact existing clients of each company you are evaluating, and remember to measure their knowledge, some guys just don't have a clue and are happy with whatever their developer tells them.  It's your site that will be developed and therefore the main responsibility and a couple of success factors remains with you, so do your homework thoroughly.

If you own a website development company and think that we might have accidentally excluded you from this list, contact us with more information about your services, and if your sites are of sufficient quality, we will include a link here.