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Edumax is a new brand specialising in Educational products for children up to 12 years of age.

They focus on supplying to schools, therapists and retail stores.

Look back at the early life of almost any prominent athlete, entrepreneur or various other professionals and almost every time you’ll find the same thing, they started early. Whether it was a putting competition at the age of 2 or a lemonade stand at 4, the seeds were planted early to be reaped in later years. With Edumax in your child’s toy bin you will give them that head start.


On the web: is 'n produk van nellen wat tot stand gekom het toe Kobus Venter - eienaar van - besef het dat daar 'n geweldige leemte in die Suid Afrikaanse sekuriteit mark bestaan. Mense wat sekuriteit dienste benodig weet dikwels nie waar om betroubare professionele dienste te kry nie, en dikwels sit persone met die nodige vaardighede sonder werk omdat moontlik kliente nie van hul weet nie.

Ons het bymekaar gekom en besluit hoe die leemte aangespreek en opgelos kon word, en dis waaruit gebore is. is ten volle in Afrikaans beskikbaar, en bedien juis Suid Afrikaners in hul moedertaal met dienste wat spesifiek tot hulle aangepas is. streef daartoe om 'n professionele diens aan Suid Afrikaners op 'n eerlike manier te bring, wat op Vertroue, Integriteit en Professionaliteit gebaseer is. VIP - Vertroue, Integriteit en Professionaliteit is juis ons leuse.

Die webblad bestaan hoofsaklik uit 'n gids van sekuriteits verwante besighede, en 'n forum.  Daar is ook algemene nuus berigte en bladsye met sekuriteits wenke.  Die projek is 'n aanhoudende projek en sal van tyd tot tyd verbeter word soos die behoefte ontstaan.

Pumps Online CC

On the web: is the leading pump related online retailer in South Africa.  They have a comprehensive online shop with over 2,000 pumps and pump related products. An online forum enables members to communicate with each other, a full ticket system is available for support.  The site also sports Get A Quote and Book A Repair sections. A full directory system is built in, enabling other businesses in the pump industry to create a short online profile.

On the web: is a site exclusively for Bloemfontein mommies-to-be, babies, toddlers, children and parents. Browse through their directory listing for all your needs, read their informative articles, explore local events and subscribe to their free monthly newsletter.

SA Poperty Rentals

On the web:

SA Property Rentals uses an innovative method to bring property owners and tenants together.  The site is mostly free to use, but acquiring contact information of property owners requires an SMS to be sent to a premium number, which generates a small profit for the owners.  A full index of all Suburbs is pre-loaded to ensure accurate listings.


On the web:

Storietyd is 'n boekklub vir Afrikaanse kinders tussen die ouderdomme van 0 en 8 jaar.  Storietyd bied jou die geleentheid om jou kind van kleintyd af bloot te stel aan die wonderlike wêreld van lees in sy/haar moedertaal. Navorsing het bewys dat kinders wat op n vroeë ouderdom reeds blootgestel word aan boekies, ‘n veel groter woordeskat het en ook ‘n ryker verbeelding, as kinders wat eers later aan boekies bekend gestel word.  Die webblad bestaan uit gedeeltes wat die ouers instaat stel om elke kwartaal hul eie boekies te kies, en ook 'n administratiewe gedeelte waardeur die hele webblad, lidmaatskap, aflewerings, betalings, debietorders, fakture en alle ander gedeeltes van die besigheid bestuur word.

The Terrace @ Oliewenhuis

The new website for The Terrace @ Oliewenhuis, a Bloemfontein caterer, was launched today.  The design features a standards compliant based layout, content management system, and search engine optimized content, whilst containing a flash based animation to display some pictural content.

The new website will soon be complimented with a distributable cd containing a presentation of The Terrace & it's many unique traits.

Taxco Trust

On the web:

Taxco is an association of legally independent professional accounting and tax firms in South Africa. Taxco Accountants and Tax Consultants is one of the largest independent professional accounting and advisory services firms with it’s head office in Bloemfontein, South Africa.  They provide a large amount of innovative products and services through the website.  Taxbox or online document storage is also available to their clientele.  The site accepts credit card payments, and automatically processes debit orders.

On the web:

"Your Parenting Partner from Pregnancy to pre-school."  Having become a father myself on the 18th of November 2008, developing this site could not have come at a better time. truly is an amazing resource of information for the typical parent - I've found myself totally entrenched for a couple hours at a time reading article after article on their site.

Categories include: pre-conception, pregnancy, baby, toddler and pre-schooler.  And their Medicine Search proves invaluable to find the right medicine for any condition a child might have.

The depth of rich content on has catapulted the site into the busiest site currently in our portfolio, all in under three months.

The site features a full content management system, immunization notifications for members, photogalleries for members, and much more.

The owner, Kobus Venter, had quite an extensive search for an appropriate developer until he found nellen Technologies.  If you need some persuasion or advice on picking a proper developer, please be sure to give him a call...I'm sure he'll point you in the right direction ;)


The Streetlamp concept was conceived in August 2006 with one goal in mind:  To help undiscovered musicians find their fans!

The difference between Streetlamp and all other sites is that they have a sincere ambition to bring talented musicians and their fans together.  With the support of their fans, the artists will be able to concentrate on doing what they do best, make music!

This is probably one of the largest sites we've done in recent times, it features full fledged content management, high speed flash file uploaders, advertisement management system, secure flash mp3 player, fully featured flash video player, and lots of customizable algorithms to modify the sites inner workings. has credit card processing capability, and they also use our SBMS system for automatic online invoice generation.

Louise Fourie Photography

On the web:

Louise Fourie is a photographer from Bloemfontein, South Africa.  She specializes in

  • child photography
  • weddings
  • artistic photography
  • family portraits

The website was officially launched today (15 June 2006), some of the features are

  • a highly graphical flash based design
  • optimized for search engines
  • standards compliant layout & intro page
  • flash content optimized for speed whilst maintaining highest levels of quality

On the web:

Specialists in financial services, myFinance-Online provides you with almost any financial related service you or your business might ever require, all in an easy to use, secure, online environment.

To be perfectly honest, when we first took on the project, I had my doubts about its prospects for success.  There were many difficulties to overcome, for example ensuring identity documents are faxed through, additional forms that needed to be signed and posted back, etc.

Today I stand truly amazed on the success of  The site made back all development and advertising costs within three months, which is quite quick for any large project.

The main success factors of myFinance-Online is probably it's minimalistic design, ease of use, and various checks that ensures that accurate information is entered with every step of every form.

The site is developed as standards compliant XHTML 1.0 Transitional, and it includes full content management, online credit card processing, advanced sms and email notification systems to users and the owner of various site actions, and many other features ensuring that has the edge over their competitors.

We are truly proud to showcase this remarkable success story in our portfolio.

Florentia Guest House

The new website for Florentia Guest House - one of the top accommodation providers in Bloemfontein, South Africa - consists of the following:

  • A Standards compliant design, ensuring cross browser compatibility.
  • A Graphical environment conveying the luxurious atmosphere of this prime establishment.
  • An administration section enabling the owners to make updates to the content themselves, whenever they require.
  • Search engine optimized layout and content, improvements in search engine popularity should be seen after 3 months.
  • CSS based design ensures faster download times and fewer bandwith usage.

Konsortium Merino

On the web:

"The Konsortium-team invites you to the wide open plains of the South African Karoo where Merino's, with which many a farmer achieves success, are bred with pride and dedication. Come and share their vision. Experience their passion. Walk the road along which their dreams are realised."

The Konsortium-Merino team are a group of highly skilled individuals who decided to pool their knowledge to create the optimum Merino sheep - a sheep with a large carcass and medium to fine, good quality wool. It is fertile and able to adapt countrywide.

Within three minutes of speaking with Madelaine, you realise that these people are serious about what they do, and therefore needs solutions that are serious about what they do. Our solution includes:

  • a content management system
  • optimised for speed whilst maintaining a friendly environment
  • logical database system and interface to interact therewith
  • easy to use newsletter composer system
  • email solutions

Kwik-P Home of Nappies

They stock a full and complete range of baby nappies as well as adult incontinence diapers. They also pride themselves as being the market leader in educating new mothers about nappies.

Their site features a customly developed content management system (CMS), as well as a full featured online ordering system, SMS solution, product catalogue, and as always, everything is standards compliant. is a full featured, secure, online patient management system, developed in conjunction with doctors running a variety of specialist practices. The system allows you to connect to your patient records from anywhere in the world any time of any day. System Benefits The following are only a summarised list of benefits. True value of the system is hard to calculate, as it improves the quality of your life by saving you time and effort, whilst providing you with peace of mind. Convenience - access your patient records from anywhere, anytime. Security - practicelounge uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology, which ensures that only properly authenticated users can view your patient records. Portability - seamlessly integrates with your current applications. Peace of mind - patient records are backed up automatically - you specify the frequency. Ease of use - the system is developed for people with limited computer skills, if you got to this website, you've got more than enough knowledge.

On the web:

In 2005 Studioski relocated to Johannesburg. They are still specialising in Graphic Design, Printing, Audio Recordings, but are especially focusing on CD Reproduction and Photography.

They are currently working a third leg: Managing Artists and Distribution of CD's. When this phase is completed Studioski will also be known as a Distributing Company. Until then, fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the ride!

Studioski has made use of our services many times in the past, with their relocation to Johannesburg they requested us to create a new (thus the third) version of their site.  The site features mainly static content, with a dynamic event calendar managed via an administration section.


Listed in the South African web design company directory