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With clients from all around the globe, we can develop your
, into a worldclass system that gives high ROI,
and is a pleasure to work with.
We build high quality, user friendly, search engine optimized
and scalable websites, tailored to your specific needs,
at affordable rates chosen to fit into your budget.
Our CMS (Content Management System) is logical, powerful
and easy to use - proof being our range of pensioner clients,
that use our CMS to manage their sites on a daily basis.
We specialize in custom website development and will build
your unique site idea into a feasible, profitable and
sustainable online business.
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Introducing our latest web application - full online invoice management for South African small businesses.  The system fully complies with all South African legislation and has lots of useful features.  Sign up today for a free account.

Infohub events portal launched

Tue, 14 September 2010  |  0 comments

Infohub is a South African Information Portal, with various sections of information dedicated to South Africans. The events portal features an easy to use administration section, as well as sections for event owners to upload their events themselves. Dynamic event categories and types are also featured, with a search section ...

How Google Works - In very gory detail

Wed, 30 June 2010  |  0 comments

All this is done in less than a second over 300 million times a day, generating over $20 billion a year for Google.'s online shop launched

Wed, 20 July 2011  |  0 comments

Babies Online launched their online shop on Wednesday 9 June 2010. They carry a range of baby products from clothes to sound puzzles and much much more, currently their inventory holds more than 600 different products. Secure online credit card processing is proviced by VCS and online realtime invoice generation ...

A day in the life of the Internet

Wed, 9 December 2009

210 Billion emails a day, 45 million facebook status updates per day, 700 000 new facebook members per day, enough tweets to fill the new york times for 17 years, the numbers speak for themselves.